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DJs and Staff


The following names appear to have been used at one time or another on the air with Radio Concord:

El Supremo (The Supreme Dialect / Dalek) aka Tommy Arnold
King Kong
Joe Lung, aka Mrs Scum, Doo Wop King,etc.
Matt Black
Len "almond slices" Deevish, aka Wolfman Fred, Keith York
Jebediah Strutt, aka John the Baptist, The Amazing Spicer, Saskatoon Kid, Ezekial Fudge
Simon Enfield
Philip Day
Kelvin Michaels
Dan Blocker
Louis Deco
Don "my old fruit" Stevens
California Sunshine
Anne Night in Gale Force 7
Amy Turtle
Anne Boleyn (with her head)
Charles De Gaul
Captain Banana
Dismal Dave
Dave the Deserter
Mick Dogfood
Red Dirt and the Power Pack